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Elmeg T484 The Ideal SOHO Telephone System

Suitable for up to 8 Extensions & 4 Incoming Lines

 You may want to consider the T240 or  ICT46 chosen your system now choose your handsets




elmeg T484 UK

1 x S0 internal / external ISDN2 usable 

1 x S0 2 for connection of System Handset Extensions

8 x Analogue Internal Extensions

1 LAN interface,10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet

1 LAN interface USB

LEDs for indication of Power, ISDN, LAN, WAN


The System has one expansion slot which can be used for one of the following modules.
Modul 2 S0, V2.0

Module 2 x S0, of which 1 x S0 internal/external, 1 x S0 internal gives either 1 extra ISDN2 Exchange Line (equivalent to an extra 2 analogue lines) & 2 Extra System Handset Extensions or  4 Extra System Handset Extensions.

Modul 2POTS V.2

Module 2 POTS (connection of 2 analogue exchange lines)

Modul 4POTS V.2

Module 4 POTS (connection of 4 analogue exchange lines)

Modul 4 a/b V2.0

Module 4 x a/b will give an extra 4 internal analogue extensions

Installation Cabling & Training from £300.00

For System Handset pricing click this link

Flexible PBX offers small-scale companies plenty of scope for growth

The elmeg T484 closes the gap between compact and modular systems in the elmeg telephony systems portfolio.

The elmeg T484 is an expandable system that unifies well-known functions such as integrated xDSL/ISDN router incl. Packet Filter Firewall and easy use, with new innovative functions from Funkwerk Enterprise Communications.

Voice mail boxes and various voice applications can be integrated in the system using a CF card.
The telephony system can be designed precisely to your specifications thanks to the various module slots.

Moreover, the system is enabled for Voice over IP. The elmeg T484 can be connected directly to an SIP provider using the 4 DSP module.

Ideal for small-scale companies
With the elmeg T484, Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) brings a diversely expandable PBX onto the market, which, even in its basic version, fulfils the requirements of many small-scale companies. The gap in the elmeg PBX portfolio between compact and modular systems has now been closed. The basic model offers eight a/b ports, expandable to twelve ports. This means that twice as many analog ports are available for end devices than with its sister model elmeg T444. The various module slots play a key role in the elmeg T484 expansion concept. A slot is provided for expansion with digital and analog trunks and end devices, another slot accommodates the elmeg 4 DSP module with which analog and ISDN telephones can be directly connected via a SIP provider for modern VoIP telephony. Of course, it is also possible to connect IP telephones. In addition, a plug-in slot for CF memory cards allows voice boxes with different messages played prior to recording and other voice applications, such as announcement before answering, hotel wake-up messages, or different WAV file music on hold.

Especially in small-scale companies, such as handicraft enterprises or shared offices, the PBX should facilitate all communication with the outside world. This includes e-mail and Internet access, as well as telephony. The elmeg T484, with its integrated xDSL/ISDN router, is ideally equipped for these tasks. The integration into the PBX reduces the complexity of configuration and installation is far easier to perform. The combination of xDSL and ISDN offers enhanced reliability. In the case of a DSL fault, the user can revert to the ISDN connection, which is usually available, and maintain the Internet connection. A powerful packet filter firewall provides protection against external attacks. Preconfigured profiles protect the elmeg T484 against the most frequent types of attack as soon as it is switched on; the clearly arranged programming interface means there are no problems with individual settings present.

System telephony as it is with PBX systems
Ease of operation is always a priority with PBXs from FEC. The elmeg T484, together with elmeg system telephones, displays busy subscribers and allows 2-way intercom and specific announcements on one or more end devices. A boss/secretary function is also possible with the ISDN system telephones. Numerous team call signalling modes assist in the configuration of and the communication in working groups. Of course, conference calls and call forwarding according to the line status are also integrated. Besides offering these standard functions, which customers expect from a modern PBX, the elmeg T484 also keeps a clear path into the future. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) promises to be an important communication trend in the coming years on account of the cheap calls it allows. The elmeg T484 not only supports VoIP with digital IP telephones, but together with the elmeg 4 DSP module also allows VoIP with analog and ISDN end devices. As a result, the PBX integrates existing and new telephones seamlessly and transparently for the user. Using the elmeg 4 DSP module, the elmeg T484 can communicate directly with a SIP provider on the Internet and logs the VoIP telephone numbers in the system. This transparently integrates Voice-over-IP into the users’ working environment making them unaware of whether they are calling via a trunk or VoIP. The elmeg T484 also saves costs with an integrated LCR (Least Cost Router) including gateway support and an easy-to-use configuration interface.

PBX integrated into the network

The network connection of the elmeg T484 makes the system directly accessible via the LAN. With the drivers configured for LAN-TAPI and LAN-CAPI, users have access to telephone functions on their PCs. This can be a direct link between PCs with Outlook contact data and the connected telephones or the use of the ISDN channels of the PBX as a fax line directly to the PC. Management can also comfortably access the system directly via a PC connected to the network or via a USB link to the telecom system.


Elmeg T484

  • 1 x S0 internal / external usable 

  • 1 x S0 internal

  • 8 x a/b internal

  • Integrated IP-Router for Internet access via xDSL or ISDN with:
    - 1 xDSL/WAN interface Ethernet (for external xDSL modem)
    - 1 LAN interface,10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
    - 1 LAN interface USB

  • LEDs for indication of Power, ISDN, LAN, WAN

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Elmeg CS410 The system telephone that fulfills your every wish: Optimally matched to the modular elmeg PABX systems, the elmeg CS410 / CS410-U offers you a variety of professional functions, and its modular architecture lets you expand its performance at any time: An optional Answering machine module also provides up to 48 minutes recording time and can be quickly and easily integrated into your telephone.

Available in Black or White

Elmeg CS290 System Handset Funkwerk Enterprise Communications has set new cost/benefit ratio standards for ISDN system telephones with the elmeg CS290. For a price that is only slightly above that for a standard ISDN telephone, these system performance features offer you professional and convenient additional functions.

Available in Black or White

Elmeg CA50 Handset

The analog elmeg CA50 standard table-top telephone is more than a regular terminal device – the high-quality exterior, its ergonomic use and convenience functions make this unit your first choice for systems to use with elmeg PABXs

DECT Cordless Handsets

Any DECT Cordless Phone can be added to this system as one or more of the extensions. We recommend that you choose one that has a recall button so that calls can be put on hold and transferred.

Door Entry Phone

  • Configurable code for door access

  • Compatible with most PBX

  • Connects to an analogue extension

  • Surface mounted brushed aluminium casing

  • Super slim (153 x 104 x 16mm)

  • 1, 2 or 4 button variants available

  • Day and night mode

  • Blue Backlit Case

  • Heating system

  • Possible to connect electrical lock for door opening

Extension for elmeg T484
POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) offers analogue, standard telephone lines. The POTS modules serve to integrate existing analogue telephone lines into the IT telecommunications systems of the elmeg T484.

A typical field of application is the integration of an existing trunk for a fax machine, which cannot be used at the ISDN access.

  • Extension of the T484 systems by 2 or 4 analogue telephone lines

  • Integration of existing analogue telephone lines

Extension for elmeg ICT Family / elmeg T484
For 2 or 4 additional BRIs each for the connection of ISDN telephone sets or ISDN PC cards.

For each module, 1 BRI can be configured as external trunk (PtP and PtMP).

All BRIs can be used to connect elmeg system telephones.

  • 2 or 4 internal ISDN accesses with system telephony

  • 1 BRI configurable for internal or external use

  • elmeg T484 supports the module 2 BRI only

Extension for elmeg ICT Family / elmeg T484
For 4 or 8 further analogue PBXs, such as (mobile) phones, fax group 3, call answering machine, external voice-mail, or modem.

All a/b port with CLIP support and call charge pulse.

  • 4/8 analogue accesses

  • CLIP and call charge pulse

  • elmeg T484 supports the module 4 a/b  only

Extension for elmeg ICT Family / elmeg T484
The fine protection modules serve to protect the accesses of the PBX against over-voltage.

The over-voltage occurring on the lines will be grounded in the process.

  • Over-voltage protection for accesses

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